28 March 2011

Love Birds (2011)

Love Birds (2011)
Love Birds (2011) Bengali Movie First Look and Informations 1st on Net by triml.blogspot.Com
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Releasing 1st April 2011
  Love Birds is a forthcoming 2011 Bengali film starring Subho, Arunima Ghosh, Sabyasachi Chakrabarty, Aditi Sinha, Supriya Devi, Dulal Lahiri, Sumit Ganguly, Master Arya, Ashoke Mukherjee, Dhiman Chatterjee, Bhola Tamang, Praloy, Partho, Jhoni, Kunaljit, Arpita, Govindo, Polomy, Sunita, Indrani, Raju, Sudipta, Tapan Bharadwaj and more.
The film introduces hero Subho to Tollywood. Aditi Sinha appears against Subho as the heroine.
The Story and screenplay of Love Birds is by Subrata Sarkar. The film is directed by S.K. from Bangalore. The music director is K.M.Indra from Bangalore. Lyrics are by Priyo Chattopadhyay.
Love Birds is presented by D Sarkar and produced by Sarkar and Sarkar Productions - their debut in Tollywood. The film is expected to release in theaters in April 2011.
The story starts with Raj Kumar, the Chairman of Raj Group of Industries, a multi-National company based in USA. He is a care-free person who basks on the money left by his father and doesn’t know value of time.
He comes back to Kolkata after twenty years to meet his grandmother & attend the Board meeting too, “Kumar” that’s what grandmother calls him.
Taking the opportunity of this visit, the Regional Manager Mr.Devraj Mullick arranges some business sessions for Raj Kumar, so that he can be engaged in the business and take responsibilities, but it doesn’t work.
During his official visits he sees a girl Tina; he likes her to a great extent and asks her to marry him. Tina coincidentally happens to be the daughter of Devraj Mullick .Tina has her own principles, tells Kumar to prove himself as to be a self-made man by earning a minimum of five thousand rupees in a month without the help of his background. Kumar, determined to get the love of his life, takes to the roads of Kolkata.
While he is searching for a job, he meets Miss Koli and she helps him to get a job in a jewellery shop where she is also employed. Koli falls in love with Kumar, whose personality attracts her. But before she could confess it to Kumar, he leaves the job after working for a month and goes back to his beloved Tina.
The rest of the story revolves around RajKumar, Koli & Tina. Will Kumar get his love Tina and marry her? Will Koli’s silent love succeed in getting Kumar? What is going to happen at the end? To know the real love story - watch Sarkar & Sarkar Productions first venture, LOVE BIRDS.
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