30 March 2011

Moner Hodish by Subhomita

Moner Hodish by Subhomita
Subhamita Banerjee, is another gem of contemporary Bengali music.Nurtured by vocalists like Pandit Ulhas Koshalkar and Purnima Chowdhury, she shot into her prominence with Nachiketa’s composition, Shoghono Mogono Srabono. One of the sought after voices in the recent times, she already has many feathers in her crown. The housefull board hanging at the Kalamandir entrance , bore a testimony to her popularity; she lived upto it in each of her songs, Tomaar Ahankar (Gautam Ghoshal), Ami Brishti Chaai (set to tune by Rupankar), Brishti Paye Paye (Joy Sarkar), Megheder Minarey ,Hoyto Jabe Bhuley, Shanjbelar Gaan, Jey Bhabei Tumi (a splendid composition by Nachiketa) and the concluding duet with Sreekanto Acharya,Tomar Holo Shuru,Aamar Holo Shara.

Moner Hodish by Subhomita Songs, mp3 free download

Bol Mon Shukh Bol.mp3
Ek Jibone.mp3
Ja Ja Ferari Mon.mp3
Je Bhabei Tumi.mp3
Ke Jane Koto.mp3
Kotha Pabi Mon.mp3
Moner Hodish.mp3
Nishi Raate Adharete.mp3
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