16 April 2011

Completely Backup WordPress Blog to Dropbox

You spent most of your valuable time taking care of your blog and it got lost someday because it got hacked or terminated by the service provider for violating the terms and Conditions. I too have lost my .blogspot.com blog a couple of years. This is the main reason why I have shifted to WordPress so that I could completely backup my blog and restore it back as normal if incase someday it gets lost.The main moral of this post is the data security. There are many WordPress plugins available to help you backup your wordpress blog and I have been too using them. But these plugins can help you backup your WordPress database only, not the images, not the plugins and not the themes too.
Neither backing up your wordpress data on your hard drive is a good idea nor sending them to your email is also a good idea. So there is a smart way to backup your all wordpress data to your Dropbox account and browse the files easily later like in the windows folder if you need it later.
WPTime Machine is that useful/recommended wordpress Plugin that helps you completely backup your wordpress blog into your dropbox account. It just not only automatic backup your wordpress MYSQL database but also backups other important wordpress stuffs like Themes, Plugins, Uploads folder and all the files that you have uploaded to wordpress folder.
After you Install the plugin in  your wordpress blog, then visit the WP Time Machine from the settings list. Take a look at the Plugin Options and select Current Offsite Settings as Dropbox (which is by default). Enter your Dropbox email and login password in the form below and Generate WP Time Machine archive.
wp time machine Completely Backup Wordpress Blog to Dropbox
Once you are done configuring the plugin and generating the backup file, the plugin will automatically send your wordpress back files to your dropbox account in a managed way. Moreover, This Plugin also supports automatic backup to Amazon’s S3, or your FTP host.
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