03 April 2011

Install WordPress Locally with Bitnami (Cross-Platform)

We have done Installing WordPress Locally On Windows using the Wamp Server Windows Application. That process might be a little confusing or difficult to a new user to WordPress. So this time we have brought you the easy tutorial to install WordPress Locally on your computer using Bitnami which is a cross platform software. 
First thing is Download the Bitami Installer Pack from the Website. It is a cross platform Application available for all  major Operating System – Windows, Mac and Linux.
Then with the Click of Installer button the Installation begins. The first step in installation window consist of welcome message, Simply click the Next button to proceed to another another.
bitnami setup Install Wordpress Locally with Bitnami (Cross Platform)In the next step select the components you want to install with Bitnami for better wordpress blog. WordPress is selected by default and its also recommended to Select PhpmyAdmin for database management.
select components Install Wordpress Locally with Bitnami (Cross Platform)Select the Installation folder in the next step. Now the major and most important step comes. Assign the admin username and password for your wordpress blog login with other few details including name and email.
admin details assign Install Wordpress Locally with Bitnami (Cross Platform)Configure the wordpress Installation in  the next step. here you have to assign your blog title and your hostname. The host name is ’′ by default and proceeding to next step without changing it is the best idea.
configure wordpress Install Wordpress Locally with Bitnami (Cross Platform)Now the Installation of the wordpress starts.
wordpress installation Install Wordpress Locally with Bitnami (Cross Platform)The Installation completes within few minutes. Once the installation is completed, Launch the Bitnami WordPress stack.
Batnami installation completed Install Wordpress Locally with Bitnami (Cross Platform)Now you can browse wordpress anytime from your Computer as you have installed it locally. To open the installed wordpress blog on your browser, simply enter the hostname in your browser address bar that we have selected above ( during the installation. Now click “Access Bitnami WordPress Stack” to open the wordpress blog.
access wordpress e1301751803438 Install Wordpress Locally with Bitnami (Cross Platform)You can use the Admin details assigned during the installation to sign in into the local wordpress blog and perform your experiments there.
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