27 March 2011

First 48 Hours of Firefox 4 [Infographic]

Mozilla Firefox 4 was released on March 22 with an extensively huge publicity, leading the latest version of Firefox reach 7 million downloads in just first 24 hours. The Firefox 4 download mark climbed to a huge 8.75 million downloads on Day 2, counting more than 15 million downloads in the first 48 hours since its official launch. Firefox 4 has reached a mega 25 million downloads at this time and is growing real fast!

A cool infographic has been put over by Mozilla team to share some cool stats about the first 48 hours following the launch of Firefox 4 browser.
Firefox 4-infographic-48hours
You can also Track Live Download Stats of Firefox 4 @ http://glow.mozilla.org.
Download Firefox 4.0 if you haven’t installed it yet.
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