27 March 2011

Move All Your Email Messages and Contacts and Switch to Gmail

gmail switch Move All Your Email Messages and Contacts and Switch to Gmail Only a user knows how much the emails worths to them stored in their inbox. So a user must try his best to protect his emails and contacts associated to that email  account. Like we previously talked about Backing Up Gmail Inbox into your hard drive and restore them back when you need them later.
Well this time the Topic is also similar. Gmail has recently launched a service called Switch to Gmail that lets you move all your Email messages and contacts to the new Gmail account and using that Gmail account as your default email. Gmail Switch supports email and contacts transfer from 68+ email service providers including the popular ones like Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL and more.
switch to Gmail Move All Your Email Messages and Contacts and Switch to Gmail To Transfer your Email and contacts to Gmail, first you should get a new Gmail account with “Get Started” button from the Switch to Gmail Page.
After you are done creating new Gmail account, Go to your Mail Settings from the gear in the top right corner of your account. Now visit “Accounts and Import” Tab. You will see a “Import Mail and Contacts” button in the middle of the page.
After you click the “Import mail and Contacts” button, a popup window will show on screen where you have to enter your another email account details (of which you are importing) like email address and password.
Once the Importer validates your information, It will show you the option for choosing the list of things to import. Once you are done with the process it will show you a message that its going to take couple of hours or days to import all. Now spin your chair and relax until the importer do its job.
Its not that once you have imported all the emails and contacts to your new Gmail account then its necessary for you to use that new email address as your default. You will be further receiving the emails sent your old imported email account on your new Gmail account. You will too get option to send email from your old email address or new from Gmail which is the best part of this deal.
You may let people know about your new mail account related to your old address by setting-up an auto-reply (sometimes called an “automatic vacation response”) for your old account. That way, anyone who emails your old address will get a message letting them know to reach you at your new Gmail address.
So you may start using this service if you are tired of other email service providers or the way they look by Signing Up to Gmail and following this tutorial.
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