11 April 2011

Schedule Downloads on Firefox Web Browser

Since the release of Firefox 4 RC, I have been talking a lot about Firefox web browser. Might be the posts have also got useful to our readers thats why we are getting lots of visitors for our blog from Social media websites and Search engines. From 20 Most recommended Firefox addons for Web developers to Transforming Firefox browser to Chrome style or getting Classic Look on Firefox 4, the posts have got more successful then other normal posts.
So this time also we have brought you the related post for the Mozilla Firefox web browser users to make their browsing more easy and convenient. Download Scheduler is a new Lightweight Firefox addon that allows you to schedule downloads to start at a later time. This addon is most useful to those internet users who have a plan with their internet service provider for a limited amount of monthly usage but with the exception of an off-peak time.
After installing the addon and restarting the browser, You will see a new context menu option ”Schedule Link As…” and on clicking that menu item you will be able add the download to the scheduled time.
schedule chrome Schedule Downloads on Firefox Web Browser
To configure the download starting time and pause time according to your needs, Go to the browser addon page  and configure the time with the ‘Options’ button.
scheduler Schedule Downloads on Firefox Web Browser
You can take a look at your work progress or pending works from Tools -> Download Scheduler. You can too add or delete existing downloads manually from here.
download scheduler Schedule Downloads on Firefox Web Browser
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