11 April 2011

Shortcut to Quickly Lock Windows 7 Computer

It’s always advisable to secure your PC if it has some important data or anything which you don’t want to disclose to others. So, locking your computer with a strong password is best and you shouldn’t forget to lock your PC, even when leaving for a short while.

Windows 7 provides a quick option to instantly ‘Lock the computer’ with just a simple shortcut key. You first need to Set a Password for your Windows user account in order to use the password locking functionality. To Lock Windows 7 desktop, just Press the Win+L keyboard shortcut. Now you will be asked to enter the password to login.
Other method
Lock Win 7 PC
We’ve tried this on Windows 7 only. Check the tip via HowToGeek to “Create an easy Shortcut for Locking your Computer Screen in Windows 7, Vista, and Win XP.”
Hope you found this tip useful. :)
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